Policies & Procedures

Newburyport Adult and Community Education is a self-supporting program. It is under the auspices of the Newburyport Public School System. Its budget is funded primarily from course fees. Additional funding has been made available from the Newburyport Bank, the Institution for Savings, the Moseley Foundation, the Civic League and generous donations from the friends of Adult Ed.

  1. We don’t send confirmations. We only contact you if your class is NOT going to run.
  2. We don’t cash checks immediately. We hold them until we are certain a class will run.
  3. NO REFUNDS  are given after two-weeks prior to the start date of a class, unless the class is cancelled or rescheduled.
  4. There is a $5 processing fee when using the online ordering/payment system (displayed as Shipping Processing: $5).
  5. If you need to contact us, e-mail is the best way: Vicki Hendrickson
  6. Use the Web site to ask questions: www.newburyportadulted.org
  7. We offer three regular sessions annually: fall, winter & spring and short session
    in summer (4 weeks).
  8. We welcome your suggestions.

General Information

Who Takes Classes?

People like you. People who want to explore new areas of learning, who seek enrichment through their own creativity. People who seek professional and personal growth and those who enjoy the company of others who want to learn.

Class Cancellations:

If school is cancelled, adult ed classes will be cancelled as well. Should bad weather begin in the afternoon, call 978-465-1257 or 978-361-6008 for an answering machine announcement.

Refund Policy:

No refunds are given after a course begins. In order to receive a partial refund, students must withdraw at least two weeks prior to the first class. In case of cancellation of class, a full refund will be issued.

Diabled Persons:

The Nock Middle School (NMS) is wheel chair accessible and has facilities to accommodate disabled persons.


Newburyport Adult & Community Education prides itself on the caliber of instruction offered; however, we are not responsible for any loss or damage of personal equipment or any personal injury incurred while following an instructor’s directions. We are not responsible for personal property left in our buildings or at off-site locations. Students take courses at their own risk.


Parking is permitted in the parking lots at The Nock Middle School (NMS) on space available basis.

Faculty Professional
Development Points

Listed below are classes/workshops that Newburyport Public School System has approved for Professional Development Points. Faculty from other systems should check with the appropriate administrative office in their district for approval. Newburyport faculty are required, upon completion of the class, to submit a written or other documentable product to the instructor for verification and to the Director of Curriculum to obtain PDPs.


Art Foundations: Prehistoric Arts (2 hrs.) – 4 Points
Basic Drawing (10 hrs.) – 12 Points
Introduction to Digital Photography (8 hrs.) – 10 Points
The Painting Class (24 hrs.) – 26 Points
Wednesday Night Painting Workshop (24 hrs.) – 26 Points
Get Started Going Green – (12 hrs.) – 14 Points
Computer Basics (16 hrs) – 18 Points
Computer Maintenance (5 hrs) – 7 Points
Intermediate Excel (7.5 hours) – 10 Points
Introduction to Microsoft Excel (7.5 hrs) – 10 Points
Introduction to Microsoft Word (8 hrs) – 10 Points
Introduction to Photoshop (8 hrs) – 10 Points
Quickbooks (2 hrs.) – 4 Points
Web Design – Introduction to HTML (10 hrs) – 12 Points
Revolutionary War Ship Models “from scratch” (16 hrs.) – 18 Points
Basic Chinese I (14 hrs.) – 20 Points
Intermediate & Advanced English (32 hrs.) – 26 points
Conversational Portugese (16 hrs.) – 26 Points
Basic Conversational English (16 hrs.) – 26 Points
Basic French (16 hrs) – 26 Points
Intermediate Conversational French (16 hrs) – 26 Points
Adv. /  Inter. French with Literature & Contemporary Topics (16 hrs.) – 26 Points
Basic Conversational Italian (16 hrs) – 24 Points
Basic Conversational Italian II (16 hrs.) – 24 Points
Advanced Conversational Italian & Literature (16 hrs.) – 24 Points
Basic Conversational Spanish Part I (16 hrs) – 26 Points
Basic Conversational Spanish, Part II (16 hrs) – 26 Points
Intermediate Conversational Spanish (16 hrs) – 26 Points
Beginning Guitar (8 hrs.) – 10 Points
Beginning Cello (7 hrs.) – 9 Points
The Craft of Poetry (8 hrs) – 10 Points
Writer’s Workshop (16 hrs.) – 18 Points
Writing Creatively (16 hrs.) – 18 Points

Gift Certificates

Newburyport Adult & Community Education gift certificates may be purchased for any face value. Call the office for more information – 978-465-1257.

Gift Certificate Order Form

Share What You Know… TEACH

If you have a particular skill or area of expertise, consider teaching a course or workshop at Newburyport Adult and Community Education.

New Teacher Training

We offer a new teacher’s workshop to teach you
facilitation skills and help you organize your lesson plan.

  • The Thursday before a session’s classes begin at 7:00 p.m.
  • The Nock Middle School Library.
  • New teachers are encouraged to come.
  • Call the office for more information – 978-465-1257.

Mailing List

To get on the mailing list or to request a catalog mail a postcard to us at 241 High Street. Newburyport, Ma 01950 call: 978-465-1257 or email: Vicki Hendrickson

Volunteers Needed

Get involved with Newburyport
Adult & Community Education!

Become a volunteer and work with us to grow the program and keep it a viable resource for our area. We welcome your participation. Please e-mail: Vicki Hendrickson



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