NOTE: NO Classes Next Week – February Vacation

Nineteen years have passed in this 21st century. Is it really possible? Time flies so quickly and the edification of our lives is here and then the moment has flown.

Joseph Campbell, in his interviews with Bill Moyers years ago, said the big question is not so much about finding the MEANING of life as much as it is EXPERIENCING LIFE. And what experience surpasses learning? It’s a part of all we do… from our loves, to our work, to our gardens, to our kitchens…on and on the learning goes.

Every few weeks I read another study which outlines the many benefits of learning something new–benefits to your brain, your general well-being, and your good spirit.

Don’t miss your chance to learn this winter. We’re here for YOU!

See you in the hallway,
Vicki & Betsy

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