The sun is shining. It’s six o’clock. Still light. A warm breeze washes across the patio as you heat the grill. The chicken is marinating. And, tomorrow night your classes at adult ed begin.

What are you taking? Drawing and painting? Photography? Writing? Italian, right? Or Spanish, French? I know you’re taking the Middle Eastern Cuisine class. Perfect.

There are so many great opportunities it’s never a choice between to take a class or not. Rather the issue is which classes to take. Spring is the perfect time to unfold a mystery. Take the plumbing class, for example. What’s more mysterious than plumbing? Maybe the guitar. Then again, you’ve got Herman Hesse to consider and the Folk Music Revival, Feminist Workshop, Black Legacies/Black Feminism. Oh, and Collecting from the Wild.

Don’t wear yourself out, now. Pace your learning.
Register early, all the same.

See you in the hallway,
Vicki & Betsy

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