Newburyport Adult & Community Education

About Us

What You Need to Know About Us

Newburyport Adult and Community Education is a self-supporting program, run under the auspices of the Newburyport Public School System. Our budget is funded primarily from course fees. Additional funding has been made available from the Newburyport Bank.

Newburyport Adult & Community Education is available to everyone. Many classes are available to high school students (age 15).

What Does Community Education Mean?

Community education is based upon the understanding that learning continues throughout life, and that learning opportunities closest to home have the greatest potential for high levels of public participation. Adult and community education provides opportunities for adults to become partners in addressing the academic, recreational, and work related needs of its citizens.

The Newburyport Public Schools have the primary responsibility for providing an educational program that will enable the city’s children to become knowledgeable and productive citizens. By making school buildings available after the close of the school day for the adult learners, the school system also fosters the common purpose of life-long learning.

Who Takes Our Classes?

People like you. People who want to explore new areas of learning, who seek enrichment through their own creativity. People who seek professional and personal growth and those who enjoy the company of others who want to learn.

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Newburyport Bank, Institution for Savings, N.A.I.D., Moseley Foundation, and Newburyport Civic League for their support.

And to all our FRIENDS OF NACE for donating to our program, as well as to the many instructors who choose to volunteer their time and talents rather than be paid. We Appreciate You!

NACE also partners with area businesses offering training in English and Spanish language, and professional development courses onsite.

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