Women Who Deserve to Be Remembered




Class Description

Poet Rhina P. Espaillat explore women who accomplished extraordinary things in fields including science, mathematics, politics and (gasp!) governing, and who have not always received the recognition their achievements deserved. The list covers ancient geniuses who became martyrs for the sin of being too smart, inventors and discoverers up to the present who had the credit for their work stolen from them, and stubborn women who fought for what they believed in and went through hell and high water to make it happen. Workshop members will attempt to “communicate” with women they select, by means of letters (composed in poetry) that highlight what seems important and relevant to history and the present in the lives of specific woman.

Six, 2-hour sessions: Tuesdays, 10:00 a.m. – noon.
Begins September 24, 2019. Central Congregational Church
14 Titcomb Street, Newburyport.
Cost: $80. There is no workshop on October 15,

Rhina Espaillat—poet, short story writer, teacher from NYC, now retired and living in Newburyport, she continues to introduce interested and curious minds to poetry and the poet’s verbal tool box. She loves to encourage those who have some-thing they want to say to write.