Tussie Mussie



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Class Description

Tussie Mussie is a hand held bouquet made with fresh flowers and fragrant herbs. Each flower and herb in the bouquet carries a special message in the unspoken language of flowers. Made with roses, border carnations, rosemary and other herbs and flowers, tussie mussies are fragrant, beautiful and easy to make. Students will learn about the symbolic language of flowers, then make a tussie mussie and decorate it with colorful ribbons and a delicate tulle collar. Favorite tokens of affection since Elizabethan times, a tussie mussie makes special gift of love. A $30.00 materials fee collected in class covers flowers, herbs, ribbons and handouts. Please bring an apron and floral scissors to class.

One, 2-hour class: Saturday,
10 am – Noon. Runs February 8, 2020.
To be held at Spencer Pierce Little Farm, Rt. 1 A, Newbury, MA.
Cost: $55. Class limit: 15.
Preregistration required.