The Wonderful World of Basils



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Class Description

Betsy Williams, lifelong gardener, leads this class on Basil. There are dozens of varieties of culinary basil: basils with huge leaves, basils with tiny leaves, basils from Asia, Italy and Greece, tall elegant basils, purple and variegated basils! There are basils that smell like cinnamon, cloves, lime and lemon, there is even a basil that smells like black walnuts. Learn the long, curious history of basil, its magical and medicinal associations and how it became America’s favorite culinary herb. We’ll smell and nibble different types of basil, discuss their growing requirements, how to use them in the kitchen and ways to preserve them. Students will enjoy a tasting of basil butter, vinegar, pesto and even basil wine! Take home a basil garden! Each person will plant three 10” pots of basil, using a different variety of basil in each container, to enjoy all summer long. Please bring an apron and floral scissors to class.

One, 2-hour class: Saturday, 1:30 – 3:30 p.m.
Runs June 15, 2019 To be held at
Central Congregational Church,
14 Titcomb Street, Newburyport.
Cost: $45 (plus a $44.00 materials fee to be paid to teacher).
Class limit: 10. Preregistration required