Savory Herbal Kitchen Workshop: Preserving Summer’s Herbs for Winter Use




Class Description

Betsy Williams, a well-known teacher of all things growing and preserved, offers this class now, while gardens and farm stands are brimming with fresh herb. Now is the time to prepare for winter cooking and holiday gift giving. Imagine lining your cupboard shelves with jewel toned bottles of herb vinegars, golden brown herb mustards. Picture containers of herbed butters, bags of rosemary walnuts and jars of herb pestos filling a corner of your freezer. A jar of herb-flecked salt waiting to be used and bottles of herbal syrups stored in a corner of the fridge. Not enough time? Too much work? Not true!! These delicious enhancements to daily meals are quickly and easily made. Learn how to dry or freeze herbs and how to make mustards, butters, vinegars, salt, flavored nuts, syrups and pestos with fresh herbs. Students will sample each recipe demonstrated and then make an herb vinegar, herb mustard and herb butter to take home.

One, 2-hour session: 10-noon. Runs Saturday, July 21, 2018.
Newburyport Public Library, Program Room
Cost: $35. Materials fee to be paid to the instructor – $45.
(includes everything you’ll need from ingredients to containers).
Class limit:15.