Learn to Tap




Class Description

This is a true beginner program offered by life-long dancer and current fitness/mind-body instructor Susan Tribble. Susan will teach the basic steps including – toe and heel drops, step heel, step touch, stamps and stomps, digs, chugs, cluks, brushes, flaps, ball changes, spanks shuffles – and more! As steps are learned they will be combined into short combinations performed to a variety of musical genres. Students will determine the class pace as the emphasis will be on proper form and technique, listening to the music and staying in time with fellow students. Take home sheets naming and describing the steps, along with dance combinations will be provided for optional at-home practice. Classes are taught in a fun, relaxing environment to facilitate learning and enhance tap skills. Upon completing this course, participants should have sufficient skills to feel confident in attending more progressive classes at a dance studio! Participants should wear hard-soled shoes, preferably with heel and ball taps, but taps are not required. Those buying tap shoes should purchase low-heeled shoes (tied or mary-jane style) that provide the largest tap surfaces on the soles. Cost of shoes should be less than $30.

Eight, 1-hour classes: Tuesdays, 10:30 – 11 :30 a.m.
Starts January 28, 2020. Central Congregational Church,
7 Titcomb Street, Newburyport. (entrance to Parish hall on left of church building).
Cost: $100.00 per person.