Introduction to Modern Square Dance




Class Description

Learn the basics of modern square dance. Square dance is the American dance that grew out of dances that were popular in various settlers’ home countries. Elements from those early dances are present in today’s modern square dance. It is a cooperative dance that offers both physical and mental exercise. Today’s square dancing is done to all types of music so you will get to enjoy current popular music as well as past favorites. In this class you will learn the forty seven basic calls and be dancing right away. You will also become acquainted with the square dance community – local, regional, national and international organizations – so you can continue learning and making new friends. The only requirements for this class are the ability to walk briskly and to know your left from your right. Upon completing the course you will be able to square dance at the basic level anywhere in the world. Joyce Kutz has been a professional square dance caller since 2010, and is currently the club caller for Riverside Squares in Danvers, MA. (couples or singles welcome).

Eight, 2 hour classes, Tuesdays, 7:00 – 9 p.m.
Starts April 23, 2019. Nock Middle School.
Cost: $100 per person.