Fun French at the Grog




Class Description

Say It in French, It Sounds Better

Join Ellyane Klein for this new Basic French class. This is an introduction to spoken French. Also, basic grammatical structure will be introduced for grounding. We will emphasize French for travelers and also explore French Culture – movies, music, foods and customs. Correct pronunciation of the language is important and key to being understood. Ellyane has taught and tutored French for American students for many years and has developed an understanding of the pitfalls for the US learners. The class will build vocabulary while introducing real-life situations such as ordering in a restaurant, making reservations, shopping. Venez, Voyez, Mangez (Come, See, Eat).

Four, 2-hour sessions: Wednesday 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Begins July 12, 2017. The Grog, 13 Middle Street, Newburyport. Cost: $120.


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