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There’s nothing like a pet…

Please meet the gracious and beautiful pets who graced us with their photographs as they joined us for the Favorite Pet Contest.We love them all—each and every one.

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Meet Our Contestants & Winners of 2012




Breed: Black Lab
Owner: Carol-Ann Doyle

My gentle Breeze is my second service dog. She makes my life worth living every day. I am a retired special needs teacher in an electric wheelchair. As the sun rises, a warm lick of my hand starts my day. Breeze gently takes a rope toy (actually a tool for her) in her mouth and places one end within my reach. She is so strong as she slowly backs up and pulls me to a sitting position in my bed. I am then able to transfer from my bed. After breakfast she opens the door and positions herself next to my wheelchair so I can secure her leash and then we are off for whatever adventure the day presents. The numerous things she does throughout the day for me are beyond measure. But most important, she gives me unconditional love. She is my hero, my companion, my helper, my purpose for getting up every day.



Owner: Linda Meskie

I’m Louie, the hedgehog. I may be prickly at times (like when you wake me up!) but I’m really a cuddler.
I like to snuggle up to my owner when she’s watching movies, and when it’s cold out, I always take naps
in the pockets of her sweatshirts. One time, I climbed out of my cage, jumped off the bureau, and climbed
into her bed, under the covers–I was lonely! My favorite thing to do is tangle myself in her hair so that she
can’t get me out, and I’ll chirp happily.



Breed: Australian Shepherd
Owner: Kim Scheidegger

"Ready to Join the Family for Dinner!"

Week One Winner



Owners: Rob Martin & Steve Snyder

Meet Ladybird (aka "Birdie") a one year-old female Airedale Terrier. This month marks the one year anniversary of her joining our family, and it's hard to imagine life without her. While she's still learning much about the world around her, she is quickly growing into a playful, energetic, and profusely loving companion. Along with her older brother Russell, Birdie enjoys her days running through the yard chasing squirrels, peering through the fence at the goings on in the neighborhood, and digging the occasional hole... or two... or three. Training has been a challenge at times, but she knows how to sit, shake, come (when she feels like it), and give big wet kisses. Her world is still full of wonder and excitement, and she has made our world all the more richer because of it.

Week Two Winner



Breed: Bassett Hound
Owners: Kurt and Amy Mullen


In spring when it was rainy our house felt flat.
A friend said we could do something about that.

"To liven things up you have to add life.
It can't always be about you and your wife."

We started to look and you know what we found?
This long-eared, lemon-blond baby Bassett Hound.

Now even on days when things should feel flat,
Daphne's the hound who distracts us from that.

Now we play out in the rain, and come in for a towel.
In the peaceful days before the hound learns to howl.

Week Three Winner



Owner: Katherine Hanscom

Visitors to The Natural Dog in Newburyport are greeted by the store cat, Cindy-Lou, who lets her admirers (aka customers) know that the store is also known as “The Natural Cat”! Cindy-Lou’s story began at the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society, where she found herself in the fall 2011, very much in need of a diet! She was sent to be fostered at The Natural Dog, where it was hoped that the healthy food would help her lose weight. Once here, the pounds came off and she took to her role as store cat so beautifully that it became clear that Cindy-Lou had found not only her true calling, but a home! She was adopted by the store and became our official greeter, catnip toy tester, spokescat, and customer favorite.

Honorable Mention


Owner: Patricia Musial

This is Duke. We adopted him a year ago last Thanksgiving. He was a small little thing and very shy. He has grown into a lovable handsome guy and by the looks of this picture, he appears to be a "Tiger in the Wild"!!

Honorable Mention


Owner: Sean McCormack, age 13

Here is Leah, my beloved hamster, who enjoyed munching on sunflower seeds and pumpkins. Oh, how she loved Autumn! In loving memory of Leah the Hamster of Newburyport.

Honorable Mention


Owner: Sandy Runnion

I adopted Luna in this past April from Labs4Rescue. Luna is 8 months old and is a Black Lab/Mix. She traveled from Louisiana to live with me in Topsfield, MA.  If we are not walking around Topsfield, Luna spends much of her time in my art studio helping me keep the supplies organized. Thanks for this fun contest!


Owner: Chris McGuire

Max with two of his beach buddies competing to retrieve a tennis ball cast into the surf at Salisbury Beach.


Breed: Wire Fox Terrier
Owner: Suzanne De Witt

My name is Charlie. My Moms and sister (a bossy cat named Chicken) are kind of boring, so I occasionally get in trouble. Someone left my gate open once, and I ran downtown to sniff out the Spring Festival. A police officer ruined my fun though, and stuck me in a jail cell until my Moms came to post bail. Another time I dashed into Shaw’s and followed my nose to the meat counter, where Mom found me. Man did that place smell great! Mommy is writing a book about me; maybe this contest will help make me famous!


Owner: Robin O'Connell

Mulligan is nothing like that yellow lab, Marley, that gave labs a bad name. He is the sweetest fur ball around. He loves to swim and play fetch at Joppa. He also loves to walk on the boardwalk and pounce to greet other dogs. Mulligan goes for walks in downtown Newburyport and escorts us to Gram's for the occasional ice cream, waiting patiently, hoping one of us will drop our cone.


Owner: Kim Burack-Gobbi

The greatest Dog in the World


Owner: Martha Terry

Junior (our studious Bassett Hound), one of a pair we own was named by our son because he is the younger and significantly larger of the two. Junior tags along after our other Bassett, named Scooter, like a little brother and what he lacks in brains he makes up for in personality. Here he sports funny glasses, which we think make him look particularly studious.

Coco-GolbertCoco Chanel

Owner: Sandra Golbert

This is coco Chanel, a very elegant cat. She was adopted when she was one and had not had a happy life until then, so as a result is the proverbial Scardy Cat. She lives a life of leisure and happiness and is not a prima donna French designer, she's just very elegant.


Owner: Bill Buckley

My name is Lexi and I am a pure bred female Chocolate Labrador Retriever. I am a very happy and playful dog. I loke to run around Cashman Park with the other dogs and swim in the Merrimac River. My owner Bill has his hands full with me because I like to play all the time. I love children and I chase them around the pool all summer long which keeps me in shape. I am a very loving and caring dog. If I don't win this pet contest maybe I just might take a bite out of someone!


Owner: Deanna Lanzilli

This is Baxter, our 10 year old Siberian cat. He came all the way to us from Daytona Beach, FL! He has beautiful big blue eyes and the personality of a loyal puppy. Unfortunately we have had some allergy issues in our family, so for the past few years Baxter has been living the good life up in Northern VT with his Gramma and Grampa who take wonderful care of him.


Owner: John Grant

Hi. My name is Maggie. I like long walks on the beach, digging holes in the yard, chewing the occasional shoe and sharing a meal with a friend. No, wait a minute, I don't like to share my food. In fact, you'd better keep your paws away from my bowl....grrrrr!

CodyViolet-WalkerViolet & Cody

Owners: Joey and Margie Walker

Violet (left) Cody (right) will be 2 years old on July 4.  They are Pembroke Welch Corgi's.  They are brother and sister. They are a lot of fun and full of life.  They like to play and chase each other around the house.


Owner: Kimberly Nehiley

This is my dog, Nigel, at Fenway Park in Boston, MA. Nigel is a 2 year old Boston Terrier. When Nigel isn't busy rooting on the Red Sox he enjoys trips to the beach and swimming in the pool.


Owner: Bernice Nagle

Oliver is my ten year old Weimaraner who is a wonderful dog. He is an athletic guy who lives to run. He is friendly, quite handsome and intelligent. He loves to swim and go boating. He enjoys other dogs but prefers humans. He looks forward to his runs at Woodsum Farm daily. Oliver can open screen doors when he gets bored as he wants to sit on the deck and watch the birds go by. He can be found daily just napping and bird watching. There is a gentleness about him that is magnetic.

MsKitty-ChapmanMiss Kitty

Owner: Nicholas J. Chapman

My name is "Miss Kitty" but Nick just calls me "Kitty" or "Kitty cat." I am from Derry, New Hampshire. I have lived in Haverhill for twelve years. I am not allowed to go outside. But, I like to watch the birds in the yard, lay in the sun or sleep at the end of the bed. The best part of the day is when I get treats. I get treats in the morning when Nick gets dressed and at night when he goes to bed. I also like going to Maine in the summer. Life is good. I hope you will vote for me. - Kitty


Owner: Michelle Julian

Hi, my name is Iggy. My mom makes me go in these silly pet parades and I have to dress up! It's okay though, because she rescued me from the pound and I would do anything for her.


Owner: David Andrew

"Two rescues and a dear departed deerhound made (and make) life amusing and joyful"


Owner: Frances M. McEvoy

We adoped Ollie through a rescue organization. She had been bred in a puppy mill in South Carolina and at 2 1/2 yrs of age had already had two litters and had been kept in a small cage her whole life. Very sad. We named her after my nana, Olive. When Nana broke her hip and was in rehab, we brought Ollie in for a visit and saw how much it helped her spirits. My husband and I then took her around the rehab - and Ollie was able to spread joy and bring smiles to all the other residents. Ollie was a natural "Therapy Dog"! We then went to Dog Therapy classes and it was determined that Ollie does best with the elderly due to her very gentle nature. We will continue to do this for as long as we can as we really enjoy it and it is important to the people we visit - for their spirits and their recovery.


Owner: James Julian

Rosie was adopted by us through the MSPCA shelter and came to us at the right time, she had instantly became best friends with our dog George and they are now become inseparable. She makes our family complete. Hope you like this photo taken just a week after we got her (this is her at 9 weeks).


Owner: Joanna Panas

I am a 12 year old black and white indoor Tuxedo Cat. There are two women I live with. They both pat me as I walk by. The older woman's son next door comes and plays with me on the floor. It's so much fun. They all take good care of me. I love my home. I am Lucky to be here.


Owner: Bonnie Hebsch

Molly diving in a friend's pool in Newburyport.


Owner: Ann Lyons

Khalil is a gentle and loving cat who was rescued from an abandoned apartment in Roxbury MA and brought to the office at the Home for Little Wanderers where I worked. His name (which he has more than lived up to) means "Faithful Friend" and "Bringer of Peace." He and his littermate/brother, Connor have b4rought great joy and companship to me.


Owner: Sandy Gilbert

Oliver and I became best friends at first glance or rather, wag of the tail.  This photo was taken shortly after arriving at home when he was just ten weeks old.  Ollie has been my constant companion for almost 14 years and is well loved by many shop owners, locals and visitors.  Besides being nicknamed "the cutest, brownest dog in the world" by his human friends, his personality is what most people remember.  Perhaps you have met; he will stand or sit on your feet, lick your knees and reach into your pockets hoping to find a treat.  If you show signs of leaving, he will, ever so gently, grab your by the seat of your pants, asking you to stay and demanding more of your love.

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